Your Real Job as an Artist

... is to create art. 

It's not to get your art sold or displayed in a fancy art museum. 

It's not to get recognition for what you create. 

It's not to get an applause or a standing ovation. 

It's not even to earn money or to make a living from your art

You create simply because you want to create. To express yourself. 

Sadly, we think that the world owes us anything in return for our art. For our service. For our work, for that matter. 

Art has become commercialized. Probably too commercialized. Sometimes, we perform only when there's an audience watching. We create only when there are patrons of our art. We work only when we get paid. 

When we don't get the recognition, the applause, or even the payment we think we deserve, we stop creating. We stop making art. Our career as artists ends prematurely. 

The only payment we need is doing the work itself—the expression of our true selves. The world doesn't owe us anything. But, just the opposite, we owe our art to the world. Especially now that we are free, more than ever, to create. The internet made it so.

The world has provided us with the resources we need. The world has done its part. Why ask for more? It's our turn to create and do something for the world. And we owe it to ourselves to be true to ourselves and create what we truly want to create. 

When I say art, it's not just the paintings, the performances, the recitals, or other art as we generally think of it. It's also the work that we do everyday. We are all artists. And we owe the world our art.