Who are You to Complain in Life?

At 26, I'm starting my life all over again. I restarted my career after one year of not working. I restarted my blogging career after my first blog got hacked. I restarted building my investments after I spent everything when I tried to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

There are days when I feel discouraged because of starting all over again. There are days when I regret my decision and feel insecure. There are days when I feel left behind. And there are days when I just feel like giving up.

But reading stories of people in their sixties who lost everything not because of decisions they made but because of circumstances, people who are just glad and grateful to be given another chance, and people who never lose their light despite so many trials, I ask myself, "Who am I to complain in life?"

I am very privileged to live the life I'm living now. And so are you.

Back in our ‘Economic Abyssal Plunge of 2008′, I lost everything, and I mean everything. My business, house, car, life savings, credit rating – all gone. The only four things I had left, were… My faith in God, my beloved wife of 30+ years, my dignity and my refusal to give up (So I was still rich!).

The last 6 years have been the rockiest road in my life… unemployment for almost 3 years, my wife being so seriously ill (twice), she almost died both times and also having to move our lives from Southern New Mexico to Northern Colorado, after having originally moved from the North East.

I never thought at 61, that I was even remotely employable. BUT, faith and tenacity reigns! I sent out over 400 resumes and filled out countless applications, looking for almost any kind of work and anyone that would hire me. By grace, I wound up being employed with a large healthcare organization, all based on (are you ready for this?) my experience in the U.S. Army over 40+ years ago?!

With my current job, I have gone full circle in my business career; I started out on the front line, eventually went into management, then stepped outside corporate, became self-employed,owning 2 businesses for over 20 years (broker/builder)… And now, here I am close to retirement, working on the front line again, this time in healthcare (I work in the ER of our local hospital). My sweet wife also works for the same organization too!

Don’t ever stop trying, because it is NEVER too late. Have faith in a higher power and yourself, love your spouse and your family… don’t ever stop looking for the best job possible (one that make you happy), save or invest what you can, when you can… and don’t ever, ever stop having fun in life!

- Jim, 63


Article: Tenacity and Faith - Do You Have It by Financial Samurai