When You're Being Stretched

... it's not comfortable. 

... it's painful. 

... you are being tested. So are your will, your faith, your belief, and your trust. 

... it's easy to just give in to the pain and just give up. 

... it's easy to think that you're a failure because of the pain and the lack of results. 

... it's easy to think that you're not meant to achieve what you're trying to achieve or to become who you're trying to be. 

But, understand that being stretched is part of a process. When you are being stretched...

... you are being pushed beyond your limits. 

... you are stepping outside your comfort zone. 

... you are beginning to go further and reach farther. 

... you are becoming closer to your dreams. 

... you are being equipped with what you need in order to achieve what you're trying to achieve. 

... you are being equipped to become who you are trying to be—especially with age-old values such as hard work, commitment, discipline, and courage. 

... it simply means you are on the right path.

Between being comfortable and being stretched, choose being stretched every time.