When We are Most Vulnerable…

… we are most human.

It is when we laugh, when we cry, and when we love that we move humanity forward.

It is when we share with others our tears, our smiles, our pains, our joy, our trials, our triumphs, our hugs, and our embraces that we move other people.

It is when we express our emotions, our gratitude, our acceptance, and our appreciation that barriers are broken.

Being vulnerable is very difficult. It requires a lot from us. But, it is when we are most human. It is when love is spread. It is when friendships and relationships are built. It is when the world is changed forever... and for the better.

At the end of the day, there is no power, no class, no race, and no religion. There is only love.

Let us move humanity forward by expressing our love and being vulnerable.