When Feeling Disappointed with Yourself, Recognize Your Progress

Yesterday, I wrote about taking back your mornings to create the day you want. The first step to taking back your mornings is waking up early and making time for the extra activities and new rituals you need to do. But personally, I still struggle to do this.

I need to wake up at six in order to make it to work on time. This means I now need to wake up at four in order to take my mornings back. But this morning, I woke up at 5:30AM. I really felt disappointed because I failed myself... and my alarm clock. But, I realized that at least I made progress. I was still able to wake up half an hour earlier.

There are some things in our lives like our dreams that we cannot achieve and new habits that we cannot acquire in just one try. But, don't give up every time you fail. Just keep on trying and keep on failing. Slowly but surely, you will achieve and acquire them. 

Most importantly, give yourself a pat on the back for trying. Recognize the progress you've made. You're still a step closer to your dreams and new habits today than yesterday.

Just do better tomorrow.

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