What's Your Theme for 2016?

While I was praying about what to write today, I thought about the theme I set for this year. 

Since 2013, I decided to set a theme for every year. It gave me direction and also gave me a sense of the most important thing I want to accomplish for each year.

It also helped me determine the courses of action to take. Whenever I was in doubt of what action to take, I would always go back to the theme I set up for the whole year. 

I was also surprised this morning when I tried to recall the themes I set up for the previous years. I couldn't believe that I still remember them all:

2013: Make it happen

2014: Back to basics

2015: Step it up

Looking back, the biggest decisions of every year hinged on that year's theme. 

In 2013, I left my day job for the first time to pursue a blogging career. I decided to "make things happen" by doing what I loved the most. It was a decision that forever changed my life. 

In 2014, I went back to the most important things in my life: my relationship with God, my relationship with my family, and being true to myself. It was during 2014 when I went back to serving God at the Feast in Makati, when I spent more time with my family, and when I started a new blog after my first one got hacked. 

In 2015, I stepped up in my relationship with God by serving Him more, praying more, and making myself more available to serve Him. I also stepped up in my relationship with my family by opening myself up more to them and also understanding them more. (Although, I still have a long way to go.) I also stepped up in my writing career. Last year, I was able to write 300+ blog posts and set up the subscriptions on my blog. 

As you may already know, I left my day job for the second time yesterday. I want to pursue a career as a freelancer and have more time to grow my blog. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to land a freelance job before 2015 ended. Right now, I'm in between jobs. 

I've already sent more than a dozen applications, but I still haven't found the work I'd love to do. I have received offers to do other types of work, but I decided to wait for the right job for me. Otherwise, I might just end up leaving it too. 

Being in between jobs can be frustrating and discouraging. There were times during the holidays when I felt bad about myself for still not having a job. But, being in between jobs is probably what led me to my theme for this year. 

2016: Trust. 

If there's one thing I really want to accomplish this year, I realized that it's not even growing my blog or landing a freelance job. It's learning to trust God more everyday, in every moment. 

I want to learn how to surrender my whole life to Him. I want to learn how to surrender all my hopes and dreams.

I want to learn how to trust Him and remain faithful even when things are not going my way. 

I want to learn how to trust Him for my daily bread and live one day at a time. 

Admittedly, I'm a worrier. But, I don't want to worry anymore and just trust Him. I want to learn how to do my best and just trust Him for the results. 

Now, I am at peace. Whatever the results may be, I am no longer worried. The peace I have right now allows me to just focus on doing my best. I'm finally at peace with waiting. I know God has the best in store for me. But more than that, I'm just happy to be in His presence. And that requires a lot of trust. 

How about you? What's your theme for 2016? What is the one you want to accomplish this year?