What’s Your Life’s Theme for 2015?

May 28, 2013. That was a very busy day for me. I prepared my time sheet, my expense reports, and the quality assurance reports for the projects I was a part of. I stayed at the office until 11 in the evening. Then, I turned off the lights, opened the door, and looked at our area. I thought to myself, “I’m gonna make my dreams happen.” Then, I closed the door and went home. That was my last day at work. Or so I thought.

Now, I’m still trying to make things work. I’m still trying to make my dreams happen. In fact, I lost all my savings by pursuing an unconventional career in writing and I started working again last March. It’s a long story. I’ll save it for another day, another blog post.

But, ever since that fateful day (or night), I always have a theme for every year of my life.

My theme for 2013 was “Make It Happen.” That was the year when I finally took chances to do what I loved to do. That was the year when I acted on my dreams and made things happen. Even though I initially “failed” and I had to go back to working again, I know my journey’s not over yet.

That was also the year when I learned and started some things that I continue to do until now and will continue to do until I reach my success and live the life I want.

When my first blog got hacked in late 2013, I had to start all over again. Fortunately, I didn’t give up. I simply brought everything I learned with me, especially the basics and the essentials. That’s why for 2014, my theme was “Back to Basics.”

Looking back, 2014 was one of the years that I really enjoyed because it was the year I rediscovered my self. I rediscovered my passion in writing, I spent more time with my family, I dreamt big once again, I connected and reached out to old friends, and I served God again in a spiritual community. I really found myself in 2014 by going back to who I was, to what I valued, and to what I loved to do.

“Back to Basics” didn’t only apply to my website. It applied to every area of my life.

Because of the basics, I was able to lay down a strong foundation for every area of my life: spiritual, work, dreams, family, financial, health, and service. 

Now, I need to build on the foundation I laid last year. That’s why my theme for 2015 is to “Step Up.” What I really want to do this year is to step up in my writing, in blogging, in my service, in my health, and in my relationships.

This theme is not just a fancy slogan. It’s a simple reminder of all my goals, of what I need to do, and of what I want to accomplish this year.

How about you? What’s your life’s theme for this year, for 2015?