What We Trade Our Freedom For

We all love to be free. No, we all desire freedom. But, when the chance to be free finally comes, do we make the most of it?

Most of the time, we don't. 

Freedom is scary. 

Freedom is risky. 

Freedom is uncertain. 

Freedom is unstable. 

What we desire more than freedom are safety, certainty, security, and stability. 

We'd rather trade away our freedom and do work we don't love (worse, work that doesn't matter) for stability—or apparent stability. 

Nothing is safe. Nothing lasts forever. Big companies are shutting down here and there. The neighbor you know since you were young has already moved out. Adam Sandler is no longer a sure box-office hit like before. 

We trade our freedom to be our true selves for security that’s never guaranteed to last. 

Our solution: we numb ourselves from desiring freedom. 

"Just be content."

"Be happy where you are."

There's nothing wrong about them. But, not when they mean giving up and settling for mediocrity. 

You don't deserve to create your art. The world deserves to receive your art. Don't rob us of your art. We deserve better from you. We deserve better than mediocre. 

Reclaim your freedom from apparent stability if you must. After all, nothing in this world is truly stable. Why not create something that matters instead—to you and to others?

Don't get me wrong. You don't even have to leave your job. But, you have to do not only what you're told. You have to do more. You have to do something that truly matters—in your workplace, for your colleagues, or for your customers. 

You have the freedom to do so. Unless you trade it away for comforts of not raising your hand, of not standing out, of not being held accountable, and of not taking responsibility. 

After all, our stability is shaken whenever we take more responsibility. 

How about you? Do you trade away your freedom for security, stability, or comfort?

Live free. Be your true self. Do your best work yet. Take on responsibilities. Be accountable. They're all worth it.