What Drives You into Action?

Have you ever asked yourself why you're doing the things you're doing?

On February, I'll be working for four years already albeit with three different companies.

For most of my career, I have been working because of fear--the fear of getting behind my peers, the fear of not having any money, and the fear of not being accepted by society (People do expect adults to work, right?).

When fear is your motivation for action, you're not working towards something. You're working to avoid something. You're working to avoid pain--the pain of not being accepted, of being rejected, and some other forms of pain.

But by trying to avoid pain, you also risk avoiding life. You're trying to avoid expressing your true self because of the pain of people not understanding, not accepting, or even ridiculing you. You're trying to avoid reaching far greater heights because of the risks involved and pain of failure. You're trying to avoid living the life you want because of the pain of not being accepted by society. The world wants its people to conform to its standards even if those standards entail living small lives.

When fear is your motivation for action, you tend to lead a small life.

Instead of working because of fear, work because of freedom.

It's only very recently when I started working because of freedom--the freedom to do what I love (which is writing), the freedom to express my true self, my passion, and my beliefs, and the freedom to live the life I want.

When you're working because of freedom, you're working towards something, not avoid it. You're working towards becoming who you truly are. You're working towards living the life you want.

However, a lot more pain is involved when freedom is your motivation. That's why, in the past, many people died fighting for their freedom. But the pain, the struggle, and the challenges are what makes the journey worthwhile.

Freedom is what makes your life worth living.

How about you? What drives you into action: fear or freedom?

Whatever it is, the most important thing is for you to take action. Then, move from being motivated by fear to being motivated by freedom. Only then will you feel more alive.