What Do You Want to Create This Year?

Once again, it's Monday and it's the first working day of the year.

It's time to get back to work, take a sip of your morning coffee, catch up on your unread emails, plan your to-dos for the whole day or the whole week, and actually start working. 

But, before your life gets busy, before you fill your calendar with tasks and meetings, have you asked yourself, "What is it that I really want to create this year?"

At the end of this year, what is that one thing that you want created—not just started?

Maybe it's a book, a blog, a small business, an app, a work of art, or something else. It's up to you. 

But, what is that one thing?

Last night, as I was surrendering my day to God, I felt that He asked me the same question. That's when I realized that my plans for this year were all about growing my blog or making money as a freelancer. But, there's no one specific thing that I want created. 

We are all artists. We are all creators. After all, "we were made in His likeness." When we're not creating, we're going against our call and, sometimes, the purpose we were created. That's why many people don't find meaning in their work when they're not creating and they end up leaving their jobs.

If you want to stay engaged or motivated, you have to create. You have to have a vision—a vision of creating something bigger than yourself. 

What will keep you busy this year? As Brendon Burchard always says, "Is it your busy work or your life's work?" Will you work to create or will you work just to earn?

Create something. Or better yet, create something that matters—to you and to others. 


P.S. The one thing I want to create this year is a book that will change the world. Or at least one person's life. What's yours?