Weekend Review: How’s Your Routine?

One thing I love about weekends is that I’m able to step away from everything I’m doing and just evaluate how I did in my life so far. Okay, that’s probably going too far. But, I like evaluating how I did for the past week at least.

The past week was really great for me! I was able to relaunch the blog (again), redesign my email newsletters, and learn some new online marketing stuff. It was a really productive week for me.

The past week was the culmination of the work I was doing for the past months on the blog’s design.

But, towards the end of the week, I wasn’t able to accomplish much. What changed?

For the past month, especially the past few weeks, I developed a routine of writing in the morning, reading late in the morning, and working on the blog’s design in the afternoon.

But, when I finished the design, I messed up my routine. I became complacent (again), slacked off in the morning, and just tried to make up for it in the afternoon and in the evening. After all, I no longer had to work on the blog’s design. I had more time. Or so I thought.

But, it wasn’t effective. I wasn’t effective. I write more effectively (and more efficiently) in the morning. I’m no longer as creative in the afternoon, that’s why I do most of my administrative stuff during that time.

When I messed up my routine, I wasn’t able to create much and be at my best.

It is important to put systems in place when you’re creating. It is important to establish a routine and stick with it. Ideas flow more easily when you’re used to creating at a certain, fixed time of the day. 

Whatever field you are in, it’s important to establish a routine. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, an employee, a writer, an artist, or whatever you are, you can create and deliver better results when you have a routine (and you stick with it no matter what).

How was your week? Were you able to accomplish what you needed to accomplish?

Maybe the better question is, “How was your routine?”