We Like Throwing Away Our Freedom

... because when we're free, we are the ones who make the choices. We are the ones who make the decisions. 

When we're free, we are responsible. For our choices. For our decisions. For our future. For our lives. 

When we're free, we only have ourselves to blame. 

That's why we'd rather give away our freedom to the president, to our bosses, to our teachers, to our parents, and to those in authority. 

We let them choose for us and decide for us. 

At least, we'll have someone to blame in case we fail. 

Blaming is always easier than taking responsibility. Because taking responsibility requires something from us. It requires action. It requires effort. It requires time. It requires commitment. Sometimes, it also requires a lot of heartaches, failures, and disappointments. 

That's why most people, even adults (especially adults), would rather throw away their freedom than take responsibility. Because when we're not free, we're more comfortable. 

Freedom is scary. But, it is only when you're free are you able to spread your wings, fly, and go to places where you've never been (and never thought possible).