We are What We Consume (On News, TV Shows, Movies, and Social Media)

Until now, I still wonder how some news become “news.” Some news just aren’t worth our time.

Not to mention, there's too much negativity in the news today. Some news make matters seem worse than they actually are.

Some news bring us down and make us feel pessimistic and hopeless about life and the human race.

Maybe it’s because this kind of news is what sells.

Another thing that sells: mindless and meaningless shows.

There’s too much nonsense in television, in movies, and even on the internet nowadays. Yet, we pay for them. Advertisers pay for them. 

Because they know we consume them. It is what sells.

Somehow, the quality of what we consume is our fault as well for handing our power to them—through the shows we watch, the pages we click and visit, and the payments we make to our cable providers.

We pay for what we consume. Unfortunately, we seem to be paying for the wrong things.

Then again, there are some news, shows, personalities, and websites that inspire, that make a difference, that educate, that move people, and that has the potential to move humanity forward. But, they are not part of the mass media. They are not mainstream.

Because their very strength is their weakness—they challenge us to do something, when we just want everything to be easily handed to us. They challenge us to be responsible for our lives when we just want to blame others.

We are what we consume. But, we might be consuming the wrong things, the negativity, the pessimism, and the irresponsibility for too long.


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