Watching You Dance

Yesterday, I was watching Real Steel for the nth time. 

My favorite part is when Charles "Charlie" Kenton (played by Hugh Jackman), a former boxer, had to control his bot, Atom, using its shadow function in the championship bout. 

What touched me was when his partner, Bailey Tallet (played by the very beautiful Evangeline Lilly who also played Hope in the Ant-Man), and his estranged son, Max, were watching him shadow box. They were watching him dance. They were watching him work. They were watching him finally shine. And they were filled so much joy from seeing Charlie at his finest moment that tears fell from their eyes. 

And then, I found myself in tears as well. (That's minus macho points for you.) I really relate to Charlie. 

After his (not-so) glory days as a boxer, he went on robot-fighting, making big gambles, losing here and there, and losing money almost everywhere until he's finally broke. Beyond broke even. 

Whenever I'm feeling discouraged like yesterday, I can't help but think back to my "glory days"—when I excelled in my academics, when everything came easily for me, and when I seemed to excel in whatever I did. 

Now that I know how life really is, now that I'm struggling to find the work that I love, now that achievements are harder to come by, there are times when I lose the will to dance. 

Like Charlie, I would make big gambles by leaving my day job, lose my savings, lose opportunities here and there, and fall even deeper hoping that one day, my gamble will pay off. But, I'm not dancing. I'm doing things just to survive, just to make it, and not because I love doing them. 

The blows I have taken from life have shaken me up. Especially my joy and my confidence. I have lost some of my will to do what I love doing the most. To be honest, I don't even know what I love doing the most.

One thing I know for sure though. God loves seeing us dance. He can't wait to see us at our finest moment, doing our stuff, dancing in the biggest stage. He'll be filled with so much joy when that time finally comes. Tears would fall from His eyes while He's watching us dance. 

Yesterday, while I was at my worst, He reassured me that my finest moment is yet to come. And He'll be watching me as I dance. 

Maybe you're in the same place as I am or as Charlie was. Don't worry. Your finest moment is yet to come. And God will be watching you dance with so much joy and tears in His eyes. 

Maybe you're already dancing. God loves seeing you dance. In fact, His heart is filled with joy that tears are rolling on His cheeks. You may be at your finest moment and we're all in awe of you. We all love watching you dance. But, an even finer moment is yet to come. We'd love to see you dance even more, even better. 

Shall we dance?


P.S. When you're at your finest moment, you won't even know God is watching. You'll be too "in the moment" and "in the zone" that you wouldn't even notice. But, He is.