Waiting to Get Picked

You knew the answer to the teacher's question. But, you didn't raise your hand.

No one else raised his hand.

When the teacher called a name, it wasn't yours. It was your classmate's and she answered the question correctly.

You regretfully thought to yourself, "I knew the answer to that. I wish I raised my hand."

When we were younger, we knew some of the answers to our teacher's questions. But, for one reason or another, we didn't raise our hand.

Maybe we were afraid to make a mistake.

Maybe we were afraid to get laughed at.

Maybe we were afraid to stand out and to be called a show-off or a teacher's pet.

Maybe we were afraid to take a risk.

But when we lost our opportunity, we got filled with regret.

Now that we have grown up (or have we?), we see a lot of opportunities all around us. But, we get paralyzed by the same fears, but with bigger consequences. Still, the core of our fears remains the same.

We wait to get picked. We hope to get picked. We pray for the opportunity to come to us.

But for one reason or another, we do not raise our hands. We remain sitting down. We do not stand up. We do not stand out. We just wait for our name to be called.

But when we lose the opportunity because someone else get picked, we get filled with regret.

Maybe it's time to stop waiting to get picked. Maybe it's to stop sitting down. Maybe it’s time to stop waiting for the opportunity to come to us.

Maybe it's time to raise our hands, to stand up, to stand out, and to grab the opportunity.

Most of the time, you already know the answer to the teacher’s question. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand. In case you're wrong, we're not going to laugh at you. We’ll even be in awe of how brave you were for raising your hand. And you can always sit down, study harder, and try again.

Are you looking to get a promotion? Are you looking to land a client? Don't just sit there hoping to get picked. Raise your hand. 

In this classroom with seven billion people, it's difficult to get picked while we're sitting down and not raising our hands to get noticed. It’s easier to get lucky in a classroom where there are only thirty students. And even getting lucky there is not that easy.