Two Lessons from Kobe Bryant

I have never really been a fan of Kobe Bryant. But whenever you see people persevering and trying to overcome the odds, you cannot help but get inspired by them. No wonder we like underdogs.

I like how Kobe came back from his knee injury and his torn Achilles tendon to lead the league in scoring during the early part of the season. Now, he's trying to get back from his torn rotator cuff. But even before that, Kobe had to work hard to become one of the greatest ever to play the game. He was never blessed with the physical gifts like Shaq or LeBron. When you think about it, Kobe has always been an underdog. He just had the craziest work ethic to overcome the odds. Here's a collection of inspiring stories on Kobe's work ethic.

Yesterday, I was inspired by Kobe again while reading an article on ESPN. Asked about what drives him to come back, here's what he had to say:

"The process of it. I want to see if I can. I don't know if I can. I want to find out. I want to see. What I'm going to do is do what I always do: I'm going to break everything down to its smallest form, smallest detail, and go after it day by day. Just one day at a time."

Let the Process Be Your Driver

Sometimes, we focus too much on the reward that we no longer enjoy the process of earning it. There's fun in the uncertainty. There's fun in overcoming the doubts. There's fun in finding out that you can indeed make it. Sometimes, the best reward is the process itself.

Break Things Down to their Smallest Form

Coming back from another season-ending injury is a tall order. What more for an aging superstar like Kobe? He's not as young as he used to be, you know? Which you probably do know.

But when you break it down to the smallest form, to the tiniest detail, to the therapy sessions, to the hours of working out in the gym, to the closed-door, closed-light sessions at the court practicing jump shots, to the team scrimmages, coming back becomes a seemingly easier task.

How about you? Do you still enjoy the process of achieving whatever you are trying to achieve? Let the process itself drive you. Embrace the doubts and the uncertainties and then overcome them!

Are you getting overwhelmed by your big dreams and ambitions? Break them down to the smallest parts and go after them day by day.

"Just one day at a time."