Today is One of Those Days...

... when I feel like I'm at my breaking point.

... when I feel like giving up. 

... when I feel like tempering down my dreams so they would fit my reality, they would be practical, and they would be realistic. 

... when I feel like not dreaming at all. 

Today is one of those days when I feel so discouraged that I just think about settling. Maybe I can make the people around me proud. Maybe they would finally be happy. Maybe they would finally be pleased with me. 

And maybe I don't have to struggle anymore. 

But, I know if I give up, if I settle, if I let go of my big dreams, then I would lose purpose. I would lose direction. I would lose any meaning for living. Most importantly, no one might fulfill my dreams for the people I want to help. 

Today is one of those days... 

But, I know, I pray, I believe, and I claim that this day will start looking up. If not, then, tomorrow is another day. 

I maybe down, but I'm not yet out!


P.S. Yes, I have some bad days too. Today is one of those days when I stumble. But, I just have to pick myself up and start moving forward once again.