Three Simple Ways to Embrace Chaos and Uncertainty

Applying for a job is chaotic. There are so many jobs out there, but it’s difficult to find the perfect fit. There are jobs where your skills may be a good match, but what the business is about isn’t, or vice-versa.

Blogging is chaotic. I’ve had four major redesigns on the blog and countless minor ones. And I’ll be having another major change again before the year ends. When I start implementing the change, I’ll need to make tweaks on the blog itself, the tools I use, and my social media profiles. Just thinking about it already overwhelms me.

Starting a business is chaotic. Ninety-nine percent of your plans will probably fail on the first contact with your customer.

Life is chaotic. We can plan ahead, but almost nothing goes according to our plans. Usually, something unexpected catches us by surprise—sometimes, it’s good, but sometimes, it’s a lesson disguised as something not-so-good.

Still, most of the time, better things come out from the chaos. Things usually turn out better than planned (except for those who already give up trying).

Instead of getting stressed over the chaos and uncertainties, why not embrace them? Here are three simple ways how:

Stop thinking that everything is linear

It’s not. 

Just because you made a sales presentation doesn’t mean you will close the sale. 

Just because you wrote a blog post doesn't mean people will read it. (This one’s a reminder to myself as well.)

Just because you started a business doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. Most of the time, you will fail until one business finally works.

Just because you exerted effort doesn’t mean you will see some results.

Just because you sowed doesn’t mean you will reap a harvest.

Not everything you planted you will harvest.

We have fallen in love too much with cause-and-effect that we try to generalize everything into such a relationship. But, life is not always like that. And that uncertainty is what makes life chaotic for us.

Still, it doesn’t mean you should stop making sales presentations, writing blog posts, starting and growing businesses, exerting effort, sowing, and planting. On the contrary, you should do more despite the uncertainty.

You don’t know which sales presentation will make an impact or which one will be made for the right audience. Keep making those sales presentations.

You don’t know which blog post will make your blog spread like wildfire. Keep writing those blog posts.

You don’t know which business will work. Keep starting and growing your businesses.

You don’t know which of your efforts will finally achieve some results. Keep on making those efforts.

You don’t know which of the seeds you planted will reap an abundant harvest. Keep planting!

Nothing is guaranteed. But if you don’t even try, you’re guaranteed to fail. (I guess there's a guarantee.)

Learn to Adapt

Just because everything is not linear doesn’t mean everything happens at random.

Even though there are no guarantees, some efforts will still yield better results than others. You cannot write a blog post half-heartedly and expect it to bring the most traffic to your blog.

You still need to find the solutions that work better than others and spend more of your time doing them. You can find those solutions only by testing and experimenting. It requires a lot of trial and error.

You have to learn from your situation, adapt, and change your strategies. And these constant learning, adapting, and changing are chaotic.

Yes, there will still be failures. But, they can serve as your lessons which you need to learn.

Fail quickly, but learn even more quickly.

Let go of your need for control

We usually get stressed because we try to control the chaos and eliminate the uncertainties.

You can never control the chaos and eliminate the uncertainties. They will always be beyond your control. What’s in your control is your need for control.

Why not let go of it instead? After all, it is something you have the power to change.

Learn to trust instead.

Keep doing the right thing and trust that everything will fall into place. Keep making those sales presentations, writing blog posts, starting and growing businesses, exerting effort, sowing, and planting. Trust that, eventually, the harvest will come.

If not, then trust that something better is in store.

"You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you." — Brian Tracy

What makes a story epic

Your life is a story. What makes it an epic story is the chaos and the uncertainty. They are what hooks us, the readers of your story, to your life. Instead of avoiding the chaos and eliminating the uncertainties, embrace them. Learn to dance in the midst of chaos.

Don’t worry. The ending of your story has already been written. And it’s a wonderful ending. But, it’s up to you how you can make the journey exciting.