The World Will Progress Even Without You, Don't Get Left Behind

The world is now moving too fast that it's easy to get left behind. With or without us, the world will continue to progress. The world will not wait for us. The world will keep moving forward.

Three things: we need to adapt, we need to grow, and we need to find ways to continue adding value. And we can only do all these three things by changing, by learning. Otherwise, the world will leave us behind.

Time marches on relentlessly. We progress, never straight forward or straight upward, and often with as many backwards steps as forward steps. We’re moving forward now, and in a few years you are going to look back and recognize the breakneck speed of change–and the massive disruption.
Darwin never said the strongest of the species survives. He said the “most adaptable” to change survives. And the fastest to adapt not only survive, they thrive. Get moving.


Article: The Disruptive Age Doesn’t Care About You by Iannarino