The Road to Becoming "Prolific"


Merriam-Webster definition:

  1. Producing a large amount of something
  2. Producing young or fruit especially freely: fruitful
  3. Archaiccausing abundant growth, generation, or reproduction
  4. Marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity

Seth Godin. When other authors and thought leaders describe him, they often say, "He's prolific." Everyday, he has at least two blog ideas and publishes one of them. 

The Beatles. They were prolific—writing songs and creating albums here and there. 

Bo Sanchez. He is prolific. He can write anywhere even while standing up. He has written over 20 best-selling books, publishing one book quarterly. 

Successful people are remarkable. Remarkable people are prolific. Prolific people create in abundance. 

If you want to become successful (and you do), you have to create everyday. You have to create in abundance. 

You don't have to create and publish everyday, but you have to create (and later on deliver what you created). 

When you create everyday, one day, you'll create that one thing that will tip the scales in favor of your success. 

Do you want to be prolific? Do you want to be successful? Keep creating. 


P.S. By creating everyday, you also develop and become remarkable. Be remarkable. 

P.P.S. Do you know why I write and publish everyday? It's not so much for my readers. It's also for myself. I want to develop this thing called writing. I easily lose discipline when I don't publish everyday. I easily lose momentum. And that's not the way to becoming remarkable, let alone prolific.