The Most Difficult Part of Blogging: Lessons on Being Vulnerable

Do you know what the most difficult part of blogging is?

It's not the discipline or the habit of writing regularly. It's not the writer's block, the lack of inspiration, or the lack of motivation. It's not even being paid pennies for your writing.

The most difficult part of blogging is being vulnerable.

When you blog, when you share your thoughts and feelings to the world, you leave yourself wide open to criticisms. It's like a warrior going out in an open field where a thousand archers are aiming at you and ready to let their arrows fly.

When you share your voice to the world, fair or not, archers will start aiming at you. Every message of yours gives them more arrows and more ammunition.

When you're out in the open field, you're also vulnerable to the pain of being ignored, the pain of looking foolish, and the fear of failing. After all, when you announce your dreams and aspirations to the world, you become accountable to deliver.

But the more you open yourself up and become vulnerable, the more you show people that you are human. You show people that you also have your own weaknesses. 

The more you show people what you're going through, the more they can relate with you.

When you announce your big dreams and big ideas to the world, others will criticize you for being selfish, being impractical, or being unrealistic. But, you will inspire others more to dream big for themselves and have big ideas for their lives.

When you let yourself become more vulnerable, the more people can trust you.

But, the biggest benefit of being vulnerable is being more comfortable with yourself, with your dreams, with your message, and with your voice.

Every time you let yourself become vulnerable, you become more confident with yourself in spite of your weaknesses. You love yourself despite your shortcomings.

You also overcome others' saying something about you, your mistakes, and your weaknesses.

Every time you announce your big dreams to the world, you become clearer with what you want for your life leading to action and leading further to your dreams' realization. You begin to have conviction in your dreams no matter what other people say.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. It's not a sign of weakness. In fact, it's a sign of your strength and courage.

Do you have a message you want to share? What are you waiting for? Get yourself, your message, and your voice out there and change the world, even if it means being vulnerable!