The High Cost of Freedom

I love observing people whenever I'm commuting to work. However, it pains me to see sad faces of people inside the train or bus very early in the morning. Most of them seemed like they were just dragging themselves to work.

You could see the sadness and emptiness in their eyes. You could see it in the eyes of construction workers, some people in uniform, young professionals, "old" professionals, and some others no matter what background they came from.

And I realized, I was wearing a sad face too!

During the very few times that I brought a car to work, I could still see sad-looking faces on people who look like executives! They just came out of their cars and they already looked like they wanted to go home.

For most of my life, I really thought that money and a prestigious job title are what we desire. But during the past few years of struggling, of searching for my own gift, of looking for my lot in life, and of finding purpose, I realized that it is freedom that we desire:

We desire the freedom to do work that we love despite the paycheck or the job title.

We desire the freedom to express our thoughts, our emotions, and ourselves without worrying about what other people might think or say.

We desire the freedom to live the lives we want without conforming to how the majority live their lives.

We desire the freedom to find our true selves without giving in to social pressures.

But, why is it that very few of us have that freedom that we all desire?

The simple answer: the cost of freedom is high. 

How many patriots have died fighting for the freedom of their beloved country?

How many heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi were willing to sacrifice their lives for the freedom to express what they believe in?

How many dreamers like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Walt Disney persevered to achieve their dreams despite all the ridicule they got from more realistic and practical people?

Freedom is not always practical. Freedom is not always realistic. Freedom is never easy to achieve. But, the only thing you need to know is that freedom is possible. 

If you want to live the life you really want, you have to pay the high cost of freedom usually in the form of blood, sweat, and tears. 

Instead of working for money, for promotion, for a prestigious job title, or for something that simply makes you a higher level slave, why not work to achieve some level of freedom?

It takes more time, more effort, more blood, sweat, and tears, and more patience. But, the freedom to live your life the way you want to is worth every bit of the cost. Plus, no more sad face.