The Best Way to Deal with Change


Another overused word.

We always talk about embracing change. But, deep down, we’re afraid of change when the need to change finally arises.

Change is uncomfortable. It requires a lot of effort. To be honest with you, I’m slowly changing what the blog is about. Everyday, I’m tweaking a design or changing a word here or there. Many of these changes, you don’t notice. But, they're taking a lot of my time and energy.

Change is uncertain. Just because you “changed” doesn’t mean you’re going to get the results you expect. Most of the time, you don’t. (But, what you get is pretty close to what you expect—you just look at what you didn’t get more than those you did.)

Change is unpredictable. You just cannot predict exactly what and when change will happen. There will be signs that change is about to happen, but you cannot predict exactly its impact and timing.

The best way to deal with change is to live in the moment while being aware that change can happen anytime, anywhere. It’s about changing what you think about change—from being a hassle to being a part of life. Everything in this world is dynamic. Everything keeps moving and evolving—from your work’s intricacies to your neighbors. You have to embrace change.

You know you’re embracing change when you no longer talk about change at all. It’s when you simply act upon the changes that come your way and the changes you need to make—without even noticing that what you’re doing is changing.