The Best Way to Catch Up on Your Backlogs and Incomplete Tasks: Forget Them All

The biggest drawback of having monthly, weekly, and daily goals and to-do lists is that it's easy to get behind. Just lose a week, a day, or even an hour and you're already behind. 

Then, you desperately try to catch up. You compress all the activities you missed in a day. You do your best to finish all your backlogs only to disappoint yourself even more and get even more behind. 

Sometimes, it's okay to just hit the reset button and forget all your backlogs and incomplete tasks. Maybe they are not that important for you to keep on delaying them anyway. Then, you just start anew. You set new goals, tasks, and objectives.

Are there tasks you have not yet completed that have been burdening you for days, weeks, or even months? Maybe it's time to finally let go of them and just focus on more important tasks at hand.


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