The Best Choice is When You Have No Other Choice

It is when there's no more turning back. 

It is when there are no more fall backs or Plan Bs. 

It is when you're facing desperation. 

But, many of us have so many choices. Or we were forced to have as many options as possible. 

In school, we were trained to be well-rounded. Whoever was excelling in one subject but failing in others were forced to spend more time in those other subjects. We could have excelled in one thing despite being average at everything else (not mediocre in every subject). 

At work, the well-rounded employees are highly celebrated that's why more employees tend to be more well-rounded, albeit mediocre at everything. 

We also tend to stay with a good enough company and do good enough work when we can be with a great company doing great work. 

Desperation can be a good thing.

Desperation can help us develop focus. 

Desperation can force us to act. 

Desperation can force us to take the leap we've always wanted to take. 

And sometimes, we have to deliberately take out our options to be more desperate. To act more. To do better. To be more.