That's the Way It's Supposed to Be

I am too emotionally invested in everything I do: in writing, in blogging, in putting up a small business.

And maybe that's just the way it should be.

But, some of my business mentors told me not to be too emotional in business. Who am I to tell them otherwise? After all, they have succeeded in business and I'm just starting. They are my mentors for a reason.

But if we don't take business personally, if we don't invest our emotions, wouldn't building a business be creating just another money-making machine? Creating businesses without feelings, without emotions, without care, without love?

Global warming and the unequal distribution of wealth. Businesses contribute to these more than individuals do. And it's exactly because most businesses are built without feelings, without emotions, without care, and without love. Just money-making machines at the expense of other people and the environment.

Businesses have the capacity to change the world—for better or for worse. And it starts with the individuals working in the businesses and on the businesses. They have to care.

We have to care.

Because now, more than ever, business is personal. And that's the way it's supposed to be.


P.S. Maybe what my mentors were telling me was not to be emotional when a business fails. They were telling me not to be attached to a business idea in case it fails. Fail and fail quickly. Then, move on to the next opportunity, to the next customer. Don't be too invested in a single way to go about your business. There are other, much better ways. But when it comes to execution, execute with love. Care genuinely. Be personal. Be attached.