"Take It Easy"

Whatever you're doing right now, just stop. Take a deep breath, smile, and take it easy. You'll find doing it more enjoyable. 

These past few weeks of looking for work and not being able to write consistently, I realized that I was no longer enjoying the process. I was taking life too seriously (again).

I was taking every refusal, missed blog post, and difficulty personally. To make things worse, I have a bad habit of punishing myself.

But, most of the time, it's nothing personal. It's not just a good fit, the circumstances aren't right, or there are things I still need to learn and improve on. It's not about me. 

Whatever you're going through right now, remember that it's not about you. Don't take things personally. That's a secret to taking it easy. 

Take life one day at a time. 

Enjoy the process of building your dream. 

Enjoy the journey to your dream. 

Whenever you catch yourself frowning, stop whatever you’re doing and smile. 

Smile more often. Laugh more often. 

Be more thankful for what you have. 

Be more thankful for today. 

Be more thankful for every opportunity that comes your way. You'll never run out of opportunities. 

Be more thankful of every missed opportunity. There's a lesson from each of them. 

Be more thankful. Period. 

Practice gratitude. 

Go out more often. By all means, get off your chair and get some fresh air.

Go out for a walk.

Say hi to the people you know, even those you don't know. You just might make their day. 

Life was not created to be complicated. It was designed to be light and easy. “Enjoy the simple before you can enjoy the complex.”

Whatever you do, just have fun. Keep doing the right thing every single moment. Before you know it, you've already achieved your dream. Before you know it, you're already where you want to go. 

Like what Sir JJ always says, "Take it easy, man."