Surround Yourself with Driven People

Last Saturday, I met with my closest friends in high school to play basketball and catch up. Well, we lost a game and won one. But, it was fun!

We played basketball from ten in the evening until past twelve in the morning. After that we talked about basketball and our high school days while sitting down on the asphalt sidewalk outside our friend's house until four. Maybe I'm just a plain and boring person, but it's the boring parts that I will never forget like sitting on the cold, asphalt sidewalk for more than three hours!

After that, we headed to another friend's apartment to sleep and rest.

After our overnight, I was very driven to work hard on my blog again. It's all because I have very driven friends.

Yes, we talked mostly about high school and basketball. But, from time to time, we also talked about our goals and big dreams. Also, some of my friends are already living the lives they want and have already achieved some of level of success. They were really inspiring.

When you surround yourself with people like them, their drive rubs off on you.

Not only that, they also challenge you to be better not only in basketball, but also in life!

The people you surround yourself with is a big factor whether you will succeed or not.

Also, not only do they motivate me, they support me as well. They give me practical pieces of advice on how to make things work.

I'm really blessed to have them as my friends since 2001. I'm really excited to meet with them again! They broaden my view and widen my horizon!

How about you? Do you surround yourself with driven, positive, and successful people? More importantly, do you surround yourself with very supportive friends?

I'll leave you with a quote from Jim Rohn: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

Who do you spend the most time with?