Sunday Reflection: Be Unstoppable

Today, I want to start with a bible verse:

The seventy-two disciples returned rejoicing and said to Jesus, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us because of your name.” Jesus said, “I have observed Satan fall like lightning from the sky. Behold, I have given you the power ‘to tread upon serpents’ and scorpions and upon the full force of the enemy and nothing will harm you. — Luke 10: 17-19 NAB

What are your dreams? What are your goals? What is your mission?

Are you unstoppable in achieving them?

Today, Jesus tells you that He has given you the power to “tread upon serpents and scorpions and upon the full force of the enemy.” He tells you that nothing can harm you.

In achieving your goals and dreams, you will face so many trials, criticisms, and insults. People will try to discourage you. Circumstances will try to dishearten you.

But, don’t worry. Jesus reminds you again and again that He already faced the same discouragements, insults, persecutions, and hardships when He was achieving His own dream of saving the world from sin and death. People did not believe Him. People ridiculed Him and even had Him killed.

But, He conquered them all! Even death was not able to stop Him from achieving His dream! He was unstoppable!

How about you? Are you unstoppable in achieving your dreams?

Don't let anything stop you or bring you down! God has given you the same power to conquer all your trials and challenges. God has made you unstoppable!