Simplify the Process and Take Action

I took my notebook, read my goals for the week, and checked out my plans for the year. 

I realized I haven't really accomplished anything since I wrote down my goals. 

Aside from writing down my dreams, I also pray for them, visualize them, plan them out completely, and prepare contingency plans. 

Then, I get lost in all the routines and processes I do just to get started, to get myself pumped up, and to make my dreams a reality. I complicate a lot of things — including the achievement of my dreams. 

Are you like me?

At the end of the day, only action can make your dreams a reality. 

Make your life simple. Just take action. When you suddenly come up with something that can help you achieve your dreams, act on it right away. Don't over-plan. Don't overthink. Don't try to make it perfect. Just do it. 

Simplify the process and just take action. 

When I thought of my Daily Gratitude Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Do connect with me!), it took me months to launch it. I planned how to announce it, how to do it exactly, and how it should look and feel like. Days of waiting turned into weeks. Then, the weeks turned into months.

After months of delayed, I just published my first photo on my account, then the next, then the next, until it became an everyday campaign!

In short, I simplified the process and just delivered it. I simply posted on my social media accounts without thinking too much. I just try to improve it each day.

Maybe you have some dreams in your life that you keep on delaying. You may have some dreams that you want to put in black and white and plan out completely before you act on them.

Sometimes, all you need to do is take the first step no matter how unsure you are. Just take that first step.

Life and achieving your dreams are simple. You just need to take action now and improve along the way.