Respect Other Professions

No profession is better than another and no profession is inferior to another.

The world needs doctors, nurses, accountants, engineers, and all other professionals.

The world needs both entrepreneurs and employees. 

The world needs both scientists and artists.

Otherwise, we would all have the same profession and live in a world devoid of diversity.

Life is not one-size-fits-all.

Yes, there is freedom in becoming an entrepreneur. But, there are discipline, knowledge of systems, and order in becoming an employee.

There is art in creating a masterpiece, but there is also art in preparing financial models.

By respecting other professions, you also learn to respect your own profession. By appreciating other professions, you also appreciate your own.

The measure by which you measure others will be used to measure you. It’s biblical.

Because how you see others and what they do is a reflection of how you see yourself and what you do.