Plan Your Day the Night before, not in the Morning

Last week, I wrote about taking back your mornings to create the day you want. In the article, I mentioned planning your daily to-dos in the morning. However, during the past couple of days, I noticed that it's more effective for me to plan my day the night before.

Why? Three reasons:

The things you failed to accomplish during the day are still fresh. You still remember very clearly which of your tasks you failed to accomplish during the day. Therefore, you have an idea which of these tasks should be carried over to the next day and which ones can be dropped totally. If you keep on delaying one task, it probably means it is not very important.

You already have an agenda for the day the moment you open your eyes. It helps that even before you even regain your senses in the morning, you already know what you need to accomplish for the day. Before your day even begins, you already know how your day will be like. Also, by planning your day the night before, you know what you are waking up for. Knowing why I need to get up from my bed really helped me wake up earlier during the past couple of days.

Finally, it will give you even more time to take back your mornings. One task eliminated in the morning means more time to get a head start and act on your dreams. Also, one task eliminated means one less thing to rush and stress you in the morning, especially if you woke up late.

Before you go to sleep tonight, try planning your day and prepare your to-do list for tomorrow. But of course, do what works for you.

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