Permission to Leap, Anyone?

We all like being given permission. We feel more confident when we have permission from other people, especially from those in authority—our parents and teachers when we were younger and our bosses, business partners, stakeholders, and customers now that we are grown ups. (Or are we?)

But, really, you have all that you need to do work that truly matters (and to live a life that matters). You already have it in you. In case you feel like you don't, you can always equip yourself through research, training, and actual practice. You don't need permission from other people, even from your parents. 

The only permission you need is from yourself. Only you can live your life for yourself after all. Only you can give your gift to the world. Don't rob us of your gift by not giving yourself permission. 

In case you really want to be given permission by another person, I'm giving it to you now. You have my permission to be remarkable. Not because you need it, but precisely because you don't. I'm giving you the permission to build, to create, and to take the leap. Not that my permission really matters. 

Give yourself permission. It's the only permission you need (and the only one that matters).