"Own up to your decisions"

Credit where credit is due. I learned this from our Feast Builder in Makati, Bro. Jan Silan.

Decisions are easier to make (and easier to own up to) if the consequences are clear-cut right or wrong.

But, the consequences of your decisions are seldom clear-cut. They may seem right for you, but not right for the other people around you. It's especially difficult if the decisions don't seem right for the people closest to you like your parents or your family—the people you expect to support your decisions.

They may seem right at the moment, but they may be the wrong ones in hindsight. Then again, decisions are always easier to make in hindsight.

Still, you have to make a decision. Stop sitting on fences. No one moves forward by sitting on fences. More importantly, you have to own up to your decision. Regardless of whether other people (especially your family) approve of it or not. But, you have to be ready for the consequences. Like what they say in basketball, you have to "man up!"

Every decision you make, you make with the best of your knowledge, the best of your abilities, the best of your skills, the best of your maturity, and also while thinking about what you think is best for the people around you right now.

Every decision you make is the best decision you can ever make right now. There is no more time for regrets. There is only time for looking ahead and moving forward.

Make that decision right now. Whatever it is. And own up to it.


P.S. Yes, I'm making a big decision as well in my life right now. I'm facing the negative consequences right now, but I know I'm making the best decision I can make for myself and for the people I love right now.