One Question You Need to Ask Yourself (Auditing Firms, Culture, and Change)

Are you really open to change?

Change is not easy. Change requires effort. Change requires learning new things and doing things in new ways.

People working in auditing firms work long hours partly because overtime has been deeply rooted in their culture. Partners and managers say, "Working overtime was how I got to this position. This is also how you should work your way up."

They fail to recognize that they didn't have the technology we have today which made work easier. The result: Time spent unproductively and high employee turnover rate.

If only they allow their employees or their staff members to spend the time they save learning new skills and exploring new services they could offer to clients.

After all, what clients needed then were not exactly what they need now. We must change with our clients.

Change is also scary. Change entails stepping out into the unknown. Change entails risks. Change means making mistakes. Change means facing the possibility of failing.

Finally, change is easier said than done. It requires something from us. That's why our natural response to change is to resist it.

But, the people (and companies) who get left behind in these changing times are the very people who resist change. No wonder more and more are getting left behind. The cost of not changing has become much higher than the cost to change. 

Will you change or will you get left behind?

What one change in your life or in your work have you been resisting?

What Bob Dylan wrote was right, "The times they are a-changin'."