One Hundred and One Dead Ends (and More)

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter: Rejected by 12 publishing houses.

Stephen King's first book: Went to the trash after being rejected by over 30 publishers.

Colonel Sanders' chicken recipe: Rejected by more than 1,000 restaurants.

Thomas Edison: Found "10,000 ways that wouldn't work."

Two thoughts:

1. Success is all about failures. (A lesson that I also need to keep reminding myself of.)

It's about trying a hundred and one dead ends (or more) until we find the right path.

It's about trying a hundred and one things (or more) until we get it right.

It's about failing until we discover that one big breakthrough to make up for all the failures.

2. One big success is small successes compounded.

It's about trying different strategies which achieve little results, but taken together, they amount to significant growth.

It's about doing the little things consistently. Small efforts tend to compound over time.

Small successes also lead to exponential success over time. One true fan leads to one new fan. Two fans lead to two more. Four fans lead to four more. Growth is usually exponential. But, it starts with one true fan spreading the word.

No matter which of the two thoughts you believe in, the important thing is that you have to try a lot of things, albeit small ones. You may fail (and learn) or it may compound. Nonetheless, your effort will lead you to your success.

You have to try new things now. Should you fail, fail now and fail quickly. You have a hundred more dead ends to discover (or a hundred more successes to compound).