Not Because You Finally Took the Leap...

... means you are going to succeed right away.

Taking the leap is never a guarantee that you'll get to the other side.

Most of the time, when you finally take the leap of faith, you come up a bit short and fall off the cliff. But, you just have to climb up again. But this time, you have to climb up to the other side, not to where you have been.

Climbing up to the other side is more difficult and more treacherous than climbing up to where you have been. The trail is unfamiliar. There may not be any trail at all! You have to make one! That's why most people, like myself, who took the leap and fell short simply followed the same trail and went back to where they were before they took the leap hoping that they can make it the next time they try. If only we realized that all we had to do was climb up to the other side after falling.

Sadly, some never try to make the leap again and live their lives always looking to the other side.

When you do finally take the leap of faith and reach the other side immediately, congratulations. You are one of the few who do. But, in case you fall, climb up again. But this time, climb up straight to the other side. It will take more time and it will be more difficult, but it's all worth it.