Never the First Time

Last night, I worked on revising my About page. I'm not sure when I'll make it live. But, it's safe to say that you can check it out next week. I'm so excited about the blog's redesign! Watch out for it!

It's funny because I'm probably on my fifth revision of my About page. Lesson: You cannot get it right the first time. Or the second. Or even the third or fourth. Maybe not even this time—the fifth time. 

I also couldn't get the habit of waking up early the first time. I'm probably on my ninth attempt since I started. 

You can never get things right the first time. Still, you have to keep on trying... and failing. Because you can only get better through failing. Oh, and don't forget to learn from every failure. If it helps, fail quickly so you can learn quickly as well. 

Above all, never give up. 


[31 Day Challenge Update] Above all, never give up. Score: Red.