Never Forget

… why you started in the first place.

Or why you took the leap.

You probably took the leap because you want to do work that you love and work that matters. Yet, like me, you may be waking up without fire and without excitement for the past few days.

It will not always be smooth-sailing. Yet, it should still make you want to get up every morning despite the trials and the challenges. Otherwise, you just created another “job.”

You probably took the leap to have more time with your family. Yet, like me, you may not have been able to give them your time, your full presence, and your undivided attention whenever you are with them.

You probably took the leap to live the life that you want. Yet, you may feel burnt out more than ever.

Yes, it is important to work hard. Still, working hard shouldn’t get in the way of living your life. 

Life is more than just the work that we do. There are other areas of our lives that we need to work on. And most likely, you took the leap because of those other areas.

Never forget them.