Maybe She was Right and We were Wrong; When the Glamour of Corporate Success Faded

Three years ago, I was talking with a friend about a classmate of ours who dropped out of college...voluntarily. 

"Ano na mangyayari sa kinabukasan niya?" (What's going to happen to her future?)

"Ano bang pinag-gagagawa niya sa buhay niya?" (What is she doing with her life?)

Because she didn't graduate like the rest of us, it was easy for us to judge her and her decision. We couldn't understand why she had to drop out. After all, she would have less of a chance at corporate success. 

Fast forward to today, she's now a thriving, young entrepreneur, pursuing her passion and living the life she wants. 

Meanwhile, for my friend and I, the glamour of working in the corporate world has faded. 

My friend recently left her job and is now trying a new business. On the other hand, I'm already in my third job since I started working and trying out blogging. We are just starting to do what our classmate did many years back. 

Maybe she was right all along and we were wrong. Not because she became an entrepreneur while we became employees. But because she lived the life she wanted while we lived the lives others expected us to live. 

Live the life you want, not the life others expect you to live. Find your own dreams and run after them. Live a life that makes meaning to you (and that adds value to other people).

Yes, you may fail now like how she seemed to fail three years ago. You may even think that you're making a wrong decision. But in the end, you'll realize that you were right all along and everyone else was wrong. 

Oh, and respect other people's decisions. They may be right and you may be wrong.