Maybe Doubts and Fears are Part of the Journey

Day 6:

In this journey to finding work that matters, I wanted to share only the practical side of it. I wanted to share only the tools and the techniques I’m doing to find work on the internet. I didn’t want to share about my struggles, my pains, my doubts, and my fears.

But, yesterday, I was really overwhelmed by my doubts and fears (again). 

“Am I really good enough?”

“Do I really have what it takes?”

“Will I really find work that I’m really passionate about?”

“Will this series ever end?” (I vowed never to write about anything else until I find work that matters to me.)

But, maybe doubts and fears are part of the journey. Maybe they are inevitable. Or maybe I’m just not strong enough to not feel them anymore.

Or maybe I am.

But, little by little, I’m learning to enjoy the tension of fear and courage, of doubt and faith. It is this tension that makes the journey worthwhile. It is this uncertainty that makes it an adventure.

Also, if there is no fear, there is no courage. If there is no doubt, there is no faith. Maybe doubts and fears are not so bad after all. We can use them to prove to ourselves that we have faith and courage. We can use them to grow in faith and courage.

Doubts and fears are not so bad after all—as long as we do not stay too long in them, as long as we do not stop moving forward because of them.

Yesterday, I already acknowledged and felt my doubts and fears. I learned lessons and discovered strengths that I didn’t know I had. I became at peace with my doubts and fears knowing that they are indeed part of the journey. I’m learning how to embrace them and use them to become better in this journey.

Today, I must simply rise up once again and start moving forward despite the doubts and fears still present in my heart.

How about you? Rise above your doubts and fears. They are part of the journey.