Life's Not Perfect

Yet, social media make it look like so. 

With selfies of overseas travels, posts about business and career achievements, checking in at a wonderful place, relationship updates, and pictures of gadgets, we over-celebrate the fruits of success. 

Most of us already know that what we fail to see in successful people were the struggles they faced, the challenges they overcame, and the courage they mustered to get there. But now, social media intensified this even more.

Sadly, we get disconnected from the reality of life's imperfections and challenges. We think that life is all about the milestones and happy moments we can share on Facebook. We get impatient during our journey. We want to arrive at our destination as soon as we can so we can post a selfie. 

We fail to be fully present in our struggles that make us grow. We fail to be fully aware when things are not perfect. We live (or daydream) in the day when things will finally go our way that we fail to appreciate what is. 

Yes, social media are here to stay. Even if Facebook dies, another social medium will take its place like what happened with Friendster and MySpace because we have a need to feel connected. 

Still, let us not be disconnected from our journey. Let us not just celebrate our successes. Let us also embrace the days when we have to work hard, to struggle, to iron out the kinks, and to learn. Because most of our days are like that.

Besides, the climb to the mountaintop takes longer than the time we spend there. Might as well enjoy the climb.