Learn It in Advance or Learn It As You Need It?

MBA and other post-graduate studies.

It sure seems nice to have additional alphabets added your name.

But, should you really take them in advance or take them only when you need them?

On one hand, you may not be able to apply what you learn immediately, but learning them in advance may give you foresight. It may expand your perspective on what you're doing enabling you to add valuable insight. It may also help you make better and more informed decisions. 

Then again, you may not be able to use what you learn in a considerable amount of time, just keep those things in stock, and completely forget about them.

On the other hand, if you learn something as you need it, you get to apply what you learn right away. The foundation becomes more solid. The learning becomes more practical. The lessons become more deep-rooted and more lasting. Only application and action have that power.

However, your insight may be limited until you learn them. So, is your perspective. You may not see beyond your current horizon.

Perhaps the best solution is to learn what you really need right now and find other ways to expand your perspective. Don't waste time and money by increasing your stock knowledge which may just remain in stock. Learn more practical and useful stuff you can use right now.

But, keep expanding your horizons. Keep exploring other possibilities. Learn about the latest trends. There are so many ways to expand your horizons other than traditional schooling. 

But, don't spend too much time on them. Focus on what is important now and keep improving.

For the record, post-graduate studies, titles, and certifications are not for me. I don't even believe in traditional schooling anymore. You can learn almost anything online! You just need to be humble enough to learn from people with or without degrees, disciplined enough to be consistent, committed enough to finish your ungraded courses, curious enough to keep on learning, and bold enough to apply what you've learned.

Also, you don't need to spend your valuable time learning things you will never be able to apply. Spend them instead on things you need and you can apply right now.

Still, I have tremendous amount of respect for people trying to earn their MBA degrees or taking graduate studies. I admire how made up their minds are and how they are taking definitive action by taking further studies. There really are many paths to a destination.

The important thing is that the future is built starting today. Not tomorrow. Take action today.