Just When You Thought You Achieved Success...

... you realize you didn't. 

There's always the next level, the next promotion, and the next raise. There's always the next step.

I guess we have to realize that we are already successful as we are. We have to realize that we have already achieved some level of success.

Maybe you are struggling in your career right now. Just remember that, at the very least, you have graduated from college. That's already a success in itself! Not everyone graduates from college. 

You can also try to remember the feeling you had when you landed your job!

Contentment is a necessity if you want to be happy. So is gratitude.

Celebrate the successes that you have already achieved. Be thankful for what you already have. Then, move forward.

But this time, instead of pursuing success, pursue excellence. It's more effective to pursue it than success. And more importantly, enjoy the pursuit.


P.S. Don't compare your success with others' successes. Run your own race.