It’s your turn

Let’s play a game, shall we?

When it’s your turn, you have to take it and roll the dice.

You can pass if you want, but that means you’re not going anywhere.

But, taking your turn is not a guarantee that you will get where you want to go. At least not right away. When you roll the dice, you may end up paying rent, losing a turn, being bitten by a snake, or even going to jail (hopefully not in real life). But, at least you took your turn and you moved forward. You’re closer to the finish line.

When the game is over, whether you win or you lose, the important thing is you played the game, played it well, took your turns, and had fun. Yes, it’s important to play to win. But, at the end of the day (or the game), it’s not all about winning. Enjoying every moment of the game is more important. Yes, even bankruptcy or going to jail. That's part of the game!

If you lose, you can just play again. Next time around, you’ll know better and play better. Who knows? You might even win!

So, have fun playing the game and don't forget to take your turn.


P.S. It’s always better to play with someone else.