It's not sustainable

Today, I woke up at 5:37 AM. That means I have to start with my 31-day challenge of waking up early all over again. 

I don't know if I'm just making an excuse, but with my lifestyle right now, it's not sustainable. There are times when I get so busy in my day job that I spend the night blogging. On some other nights, even if I already want to rest early, I couldn't. Because we have a weird set up at home.

It's not sustainable because the environment I'm in doesn't make it possible.

But, we don't end in "it's not possible."

The next step is asking, "What now?" or "What's next?"

What's next is to create an environment where it can be possible. That's why I'm going to start with my challenge on December instead, the deadline I set for myself to find work that I enjoy doing and that will allow me to create the environment where I can develop better habits. Still, I'll try to wake up earlier. 

Creating an environment isn't just for developing new habits. 

Create an environment where you can do better work.

Create an environment where you can sustain your motivation.

Create an environment where you can keep your dream alive and burning by surrounding yourself with positive, highly-motivated, and like-minded people.

Create an environment where you can be a more loving person.

Create an environment where you can be a better person.

The environment you're in is just as important as your dreams and your actions.

Don't like the environment you're in? Create a new healthy one.