I'm Logging Out of Facebook for 21 Days (or More)

It may or may not be true, but popular belief says that it takes 21 days to build a habit. So, I'm sticking with my belief that it also takes 21 days to unlearn it.

Starting today, I will not be signing in to my Facebook account for the next 21 days (or more).

Nothing fancy and no life-changing lesson here. I just think I have become too addicted to Facebook...again.

Since I created an account way back in 2009, I never stopped checking my Facebook profile every hour or so for notifications. I just love those red thingies.

The only time I totally deactivated my Facebook account was in 2011, when I suffered from a mild depression. It was really terrible. But, that's for another blog post.

Whenever I log in to Facebook for a minute or two every hour or so, I lose momentum. Logging in has become counter-productive.

Also, whenever I do fail to log in, I always feel that I'm missing out on somethinglike a big event in a friend's life. I just realized that I will not really die or miss out on anything if I do not log in to Facebook.

Besides, I make sure I have time for my family and closest friends. I love hearing their stories from them, not read them on Facebook and simply hit "Like." I love real-life interactions and I love spending time with people.

My life has become busier as well because of my day job, my blog, and my new writing job (hurray!). I don't think I can still afford to allow Facebook to make my life seemingly busier.

Personally, I feel like I should always be in the loop. It really makes me feel busier when I'm really not.

Lastly, there's something bothering me these past few weeks that I need to figure out. I think I can do this by isolating myself from the Facebook universe and from the online world. (Although I will still be on Twitter and Instagram! I just don't log in to them as much as I log in to Facebook.)

Still, I will be posting on my Facebook profile because I use third-party applications to share my blog posts and some quotes that really inspire me whenever I'm reading a book or other people's blog posts. (Just a tip: I use Hootsuite and IFTTT. They are amazing applications to help you manage your social media accounts.)

If you wish to contact me, you can reach me by sending me a private message on Facebook (I still check my Messenger app), sending me a text message, or sending me an email through my contact page. I really try to reply within 24 hours (except on Sundays)!

If you wish to comment on a blog post, you can do so on the blog as well (#shamelesspromotion)!

How about you? Is there any counter-productive activity that you need to avoid as well?


P.S. I always have and always will love Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg! In fact, I just bought identical shirts last week so I no longer have to think about what to wear everyday like Mark Zuckerberg does and just focus my energy on serving through the blog! In case you see me for two consecutive days wearing the same shirt, I just happened to have many of it. I love taking a bath, I promise! (But really, I bought many plain blue shirts and plain gray shirts. So, I still have two styles!)