I’m Learning to Be Self-Reliant

I’m learning not to depend on my family, on my friends, on luck, and on fate.

I’m learning to lean on myself, on my skills, on my God-given talents, on my hard work, and on my ability to figure things out.

Now, I’m beginning to overcome some of my obstacles, to taste a bit of freedom, and to have a sense of fulfillment and achievement. 

There is freedom in knowing that you have the personal power to achieve what you want.

There are also joy and confidence in relying on your own ability.

The teachers and mentors also begin to line up to the student who is ready, who takes responsibility, and who takes charge. They simply do not appear to the student who is lazy and expecting to be spoon-fed all the time.

Of course, I also know I cannot and I do not have to do it alone.

But, I’m learning to take back control of my life and own to my decisions.

Besides, I’m never really alone. I always have God with me and beside me. I always have God to rely on, especially when I feel like the challenges are too much for me.

How about you? Are you taking charge of your life? Don’t worry. You are never alone.