"I Deserve This"

No, you don’t. 

You don’t deserve to do good work. We (the world) deserve your good work. Just because you are able to do good work means we deserve nothing but your best. Not everyone is able (physically, mentally, or emotionally) to do the work that you do. Not everyone is given the same opportunities you were given. Your opportunities may not even seem a lot to you. But to some people, they already are a lot. They would have loved to be given even a tenth of what you have been given. They deserve more from you. We deserve more from you.

You don’t deserve to achieve the outcome or the results that you desire when you do work that matters. The world deserves your work that matters. The only thing you deserve is the fulfilment you will feel while doing it. It’s even biblical. Don’t worry. When you do work that matters, it’s really fulfilling. You won’t need anything else.

You don’t deserve to rest after a hard day’s work. You need to rest and recharge because you have to do it again tomorrow.

You don’t deserve to eat good food. You need to eat good food. Not the cakes or the burgers, but food that nourishes the body and spirit.

You don’t deserve a vacation. You need to take a vacation from time to time. You need to see the world beyond your own world. You need to broaden your horizon. You need to see the world in a different way. You also need to take a break. To keep things in perspective.

No, we are not entitled to anything. But, the world is entitled to our gift, to our art. Shall we get started in giving it to the world?


[31 Day Challenge Update] This is bad. I have a three-day streak of getting a red score. I got up at 7:30 AM today. Oh well. I just have to try again tomorrow.