"I Could Have Done Better"

Sometimes, you just couldn't. 

Sometimes, you think you could have done better, but in reality, you've already done the best you could given the circumstances. It really couldn't have been any better. 

Sometimes, you just have to let things go and let them slide. 

You just have to forgive yourself. 

You just have to trust that it still wasn't meant to be. 

You just have to believe that better days are still ahead of you. 

You just have to hold on to God's promise that He is never late. All the time you lost, He can make up for in an instant.

You just have to have faith... in yourself, in your dreams, in the Divine, and in your ability to figure things out. 

And you just have to be thankful. Something still happened. It may have not caused a huge ripple. But, it still caused a ripple. You still took a small step towards your dream. 


[31 Day Challenge Update] It's 7:37AM and I just got up. And as most of you have pointed out, my problem is not waking up early. It's sleeping early. I usually sleep for six to seven hours a day. But, I sleep at 12 or 1 in the morning. Maybe I should no longer set my alarm at 4:30 AM if I don't turn to bed at exactly 10 PM. What do you think? It will be the consequence of not sleeping early.